How to Film a Property Video Walkthrough  with DJI OSMO For Beginners

How to Film a Property Video Walkthrough with DJI OSMO For Beginners

It’s only overwhelming when you think you can’t do it with the resources you have or you have no idea which ones work best. In this article, I will talk about how to film a property video walkthrough, its benefits over pictures, and the best DJI OSMO smartphone stabilizer

Don’t worry, I’ll make it simple and easy so you can focus on more important matters to launch or lease your first property! 

What’s a Video Walkthrough?

A video walkthrough is basically a short video of a listing. The intention is to showcase the layout of the house from the front doorstep, around the rooms, up in the attic, and down in the basement. When doing so, it is necessary to cover every corner of the house. 

It is like taking a potential tenant with you and explaining to them the areas of the house but instead, it’s virtual! We’ll go over how it’s done the right way further in the article. 

Now, you have to take note of the difference between a standard video walkthrough and an enhanced video walkthrough. A standard walkthrough video is taken using a mobile device or a lightweight hand camera whereas an enhanced walkthrough video is captured using DSLRs and even drones!

For me, I recommend a standard video walkthrough. It’s quick, simple, and easy. The goal is to produce a quality video and to cover the entire square meter, every corner, and room of the house.   

Reasons to Do a Video Walkthrough

Reduce the Spread of Virus

Since you are filming your property and virtually touring your prospective tenants around the interior of the house, you are avoiding physical human contact. Since we all know how the virus spreads from one person to another, virtual property tours in the form of video walkthroughs are the best way to engage the tenant market. This also increases the chances of closing a deal with a responsible tenant. Which leads us to the next reason.

Entertaining Only Interested Tenants

Now you don’t want to walk through a buyer who only wants to see what a house looks like on the inside. Of course, you would want someone who is really looking to buy a home and are ready to meet in the middle with you. You will have a better chance of pleasing prospective tenants with a video walkthrough

With your newly rehabbed house, there is no way buyers won’t watch your video walkthrough at least over 5 times! This helps them in their buying process. Make sure you have the right details within your video in the form of text or voice-over which we will discuss later on. 

It Saves You Time

Really, there is not much to explain regarding this but you can save time with video walkthroughs. Instead of going to house openings to showcase your new property, you can just refer your video to buyers inquiring for details and that is an instant virtual tour that can advertise your listing online. 

How to Showcase a Property For Beginners

It’s easier to pen it down for you and enlist it but since this article is all about walkthroughs, why not let me walk you through how to do it right? Watch the video to learn tips and tricks!

Pro Tip: A Walkthrough Video is WAY Better Than Pictures

Why? Pictures are flat. Yes, you can stage a picture. You can take the picture at a certain angle to make a room seem bigger than it is. But is that what you really want to showcase to your prospective or target tenants? That’s bad business right there! You would want to establish your credibility to become a reputable and reliable landlord. A walkthrough video should help you with that. 

Wrapping Up!

Every home has its own story – one that you must tell as a landlord. If you are way past the question of how to film a property video walkthrough and ready to capture your first, make sure you have the right stabilizer tool like the DJI OSMO

A finished walkthrough video blends emotion (your property’s story) and function (your property’s interior purpose). Get ready to answer calls or email inquiries after posting your first video walkthrough. Arm yourself with the right responses to prospective tenants and ask to know how to do it the right way. Remember, the goal is to have everyone leave the table happy with their new asset.

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